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Kura Ara(k)s River Basin


Component 2: Integrated Water Resource Management Plans and the Strategic Action Programme

The Project will support the countries to develop National Integrated Water Resources Management Plans (IWRM Plans) in each country. These National IWRM plans will help each country identify priorities for water use, and strategies for ensuring optimal resource utilization - especially where there are conflicting demands on limited resources. These IWRM plans will be linked with national planning priorities and within the budget planning cycles.

In autumn 2011 the Project Team conducted stakeholder workshops to assess the capacity needs to enable the national governments to  develop and successfully implement IWRM Plans in the region.

The Capacity Needs Assessment will be linked with the TDA Gap Analysis and Demonstration Project in order to develop priorities for the IWRM capacity building activities and training module developments. These linkages will also be used to direct the gap filling studies for the most important transboundary issues, and enable the demonstration projects to provide ongoing critical information for assessing the river system health.

By spring 2012 we initiated the capacity building activities for IWRM, throughout the region. These will include the development of training modules which will be multimedia and designed for use within the region, as well as the wider international waters community.

The updated TDA, the national IWRM Plans, the stakeholder capacity building activities, and the demonstration projects will serve as a strong foundation for the final output – a Strategic Action Programme for the basin. This Programme will serve to harmonize national, and regional, priorities and plans to ensure long term sustainable management of the river basin.

The IWRM Plans for Azerbaijan and Georgia have been completed, a National Action Plan for Armenia is also prepared. The Kura SAP for Azerbaijan and Georgia is moving ahead with great support from the countries and GEF.

The project conducted trainings for selected nominated rising decision makers through the UNDP/GEF Kura Ara(k)s IWRM ACADEMY in 2012



Integrated Water

Resource Management:

Development and managing shared water resources to ensure all user needs are met without limiting the rights of other users to access water resources.

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