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Kura Ara(k)s River Basin


Component 4 Demonstration Project

To help the countries to create standardized measurements for river health the project will implement demonstration projects. These focus on river flow rates impacted by climate change and developments in the river system, an ecological assessment of the rivers, and introduction of biomonitoring – which uses living organisms in the water to gauge river system health.

The Demonstration Project coordinated with the governments and is intended to build capacity of the countries to assess river system health as changes occur including climate change, developments of the river system and increased alteration in river flows.

These Projects took place in each of the Kura Ara(k)s Basin Countries, and included training and capacity building to enable to countries to continue monitoring far beyond the life of the the project. The Demonstration Project Inception Workshop was held in Tbilisi in November 2011. Please visit again soon for more information.

The Summary of the Final Report

Item: Executive Summary for Demonstration Project Final_ENG.pdf

Language: English

Summary: Summary of the Demonstration Project Final Report - examines the relationship between environmental flows, rapid ecological assessment and biomonitoring.

Component: Demonstration Project

Date Posted: September 2014

Presentations from our Demonstration Project Inception Workshop:

  1. Introduction to the Demonstration Project

  1. Demonstration Project Activities and Details on Methodology.pdf

  1. UNDP-GEF Kura Ara(k)s Demonstration Project Inception Report _ENG

  1.   UNDP-GEF Kura Ara(k)s Demonstration Project Inception Report_RUS

  1.    Executive Summary for Demonstration Project Final_ENG.pdf

  1.    Executive Summary for Demonstration Project Final_RUS.pdf

  1.    GIS Training report final - ENG.pdf

  1.    GIS Training report final - RUS.pdf


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