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Kura Ara(k)s River Basin

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Component 1: The Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis

Our project is designed to assist the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to reduce transboundary degradation in the Kura – Ara(k)s River Basin.

The Kura – Ara(k)s Rivers flow from the Caucasus mountains down to the Caspian Sea.

Between 2011-2013, the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia participated in the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) to identify the main transboundary issues in basin. These issues are: 1. variation and reduction of hydrological flow; 2. deterioration of water quality; 3. ecosystem degradation in the river basin; and, 4. increased flooding and bank erosion. (These are shown in the photos below taken in the Kura Ara(k)s Basin)

A Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) is a methodology for assessing the conditions in a body of water that spans political borders. The emphasis of the TDA is on issues that impact multiple countries, rather than just localized issues. The TDA helps define issues which must be addressed by the countries together for the optimum benefit of the river system and those who depend upon it.

To address these threats the Full Sized Project will review the preliminary TDA and provide important updates and to fill information gaps.

  1. 1.variation and reduction of hydrological flow:

The Ganik River sub-Basin upstream from the Ganik Alazani on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan. The flows here vary seasonally with significant socio-economic impacts and are expected to continue to increase as climate change contues.

  1. 2.deterioration of water quality:

Down stream from mines in Bolnisi Georgia where the waters are so polluted, no organism can survive.

  1. 3.ecosystem degradation in the river basin:

The Kura River in Rustavi Georgia. Rustavi was the most industrialized town in the Caucasus during the Soviet era, and though it is less productive now, the legacy of ecosystem degradation remains here and throughout the basin.

  1. 4.increased flooding and bank erosion:

The joining of the Kura and Ara(k)s Rivers in Elibayram, Azerbaijan. Seasonal flooding leads to serious bank erosion, increased sedimentation  of the river basin, carrying solid waste and chemicals downstream, and negatively impacting downstream communities.

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